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Strength Talk Radio is a dedicated radio and podcast show that brings all things strength to light.   We specialize in strength, all aspects of strength.  We pride ourselves to bring you the best in sports via the strength world.  Every athlete at the top of their game, being pro or amateur, needed strength development to reach the highest level possible.  We bring you those athletes directly to you, so you can learn what they had to do and what they had to sacrifice to become the best.   

Strength Talk Radio is a monthly radio broadcast, but if we have a bug up are a%$ and want to b&*^h call someone out, or if there is some subject that needs to be addressed or if we have a chance for a great guest we can’t say no too, then there will be more than one per month.  All shows are available via download on our home page on Blog Talk Radio or on Itunes, just search for Strength Talk Radio, and subscribe for free.